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Bench press is much easier to ridicule than to sing. Among his many sins, a leader in the number of injuries of shoulder joints. If you is not enough, try to find a real use of such a movement in daily life or sport. Yes, probably, wrestlers or football players can push the opponent in front of him, but all the rest of humanity is hardly doing the same things at work or in public transport. But at the same bench press – it is one of the most revered, almost sacred exercises in the practice gym. Any visitor trenazherki not able to do a single pull-ups, even if he did not know what a squat and deadlift, and can not find your triceps with a detailed tutorial on the anatomy, and that, if necessary, up to a kilogram will tell you as he is able to reap the prone position. Despite all this, we love this exercise, even perhaps, very much. Simply we do not care so much about the same maximum weight, which you harvest on time. ” Programmes for experienced you will not see this ad hoc approach, but we agree that the development of breast muscle it is difficult to find an alternative. And we niskolechko not jarred by the fact that the bench press is one of the three powerlifting exercises – a respected and beautiful sport.
New School Training
Starting position:
Lie down on the bench, after putting his feet much wider than the shoulders. Feet are parallel to each other, legs at right angles to the floor. Grasp the bar standard wide grip (on most vultures have special notches that you must cover the little fingers). Sweda blade and remove the bar from the racks. Sweep up the neck closer to the stomach so that it is situated above your chest. Keep your hands slightly bent at the elbows.

slowly lowered his neck in the middle of his chest, paused, and a powerful movement straighten hands, returning to the starting position.

effectiveness of your regime will depend on what you do with legs and shoulders. Any strength training always starts with a regular bar, the code youre lying, foot position determines the amount of force that youll be able to produce. To reap the right, imagine that you are not lying, and standing there and pushing on my own neck. Try zapulnut it away, which firmly hold the foot to the floor as much as possible and bend your knees (not taking his foot off the floor). Next – monitors the position of the blades. As the rectification of hands, they tend to move away from each other, which drastically affects the stability of the shoulder joints. Divorced blades – is like shaking your knees while on the beach, so throughout the entire movement is strongly strained muscle between the shoulder blades and do not let them relax.


AT Incline Bench: place a bench at an angle of 30-40 degrees and go at it. Your head should be above the hips. Lowered the bar on the upper chest to the clavicle. Exercise shifts the focus to the top of the pectoralis major and deltoid.
Widest ENOUGH: Take a bar so that serif concerned your forefingers and little fingers are not. In this position Rod will put more load on the pectoral muscles than the triceps, but can seriously overload the shoulder joints, so be careful with working weights.

Narrow grip: put your hands on the width of your chest and PUSH the bar (the lowest point of the brush does not touch the chest). For sufficiently diluted in the exercise of the elbow was forced to work your triceps more active than all other muscles. Treat this exercise no less serious than a normal bench press, because the weight of the workers in it may differ by only 10-15 percent of your desired outcome.

VERY narrow grip: between your palms should be a distance no more than 20 centimeters.

With feet on the bench: with foot position in this exercise, it is less stable compared to the classical version.
To the neck: the neck is not lowered in the middle of the chest and the neck. This option provides the best stretching exercises pectoral muscles, but can be potentially dangerous for the shoulder joints.

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To the bottom CHEST: This version of the regime close to the style of power troebortsev. It is particularly effective in combination with the arched back and given to the body with his elbows. This option exercise is actively involved in the work of lats and triceps, which is partially steals the load at the breast, so that builders rarely resort to it.
DEPRESSION WITH BACK: lying on the bench, had rotted in the thoracic region, bringing the pelvis to the shoulders. In this position, the neck will be less distance and the overall position of the body provide maximum stability for the regime. But do not resort to this option too often if you have enough experience or have a problem with the spine.

Always use the help of his partner when performing exercises. None of our programs do not have a record of attempts, but not even a very heavy barbell on the tenth exemption repetition can become unaffordable killer. We assume no fear, especially during home workouts, took no longer a muscular life, and this is no joke. By the same shoot with a heavy barbell rack is not very useful. Similar movement performed without an assistant, gives too traumatic stress on the shoulder joints, so ask them for the sake of the health care of others. In this regard, fits even the mother, wife or mother-in-law – the value of effort, which must show the insured, very small.

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