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  1. Ok so I know that if you have like an enchant creature on a creature and someone destroys the enchant creature the creatures stays in play. However if the creature is destroyed both go to the graveyard. Equipments are the opposite (at least that is my understanding). if you destroy the creature the equipment stays. HOWEVER what if you ping/bounce the equipment back to the owners hand, does the creature attached to it get bounced/stays/goest to the graveyard?

    Answer by Skippy
    the creature that the equipment is attached to would stay in play the same would happen with the equipment if the creature were bounced.

    For a very complete explanation read on…

    Whats an Equipment, anyway?

    Artifacts that have the subtype “Equipment” are a special kind of artifact. Generally, an Equipment doesnt do anything unless its attached to a creature. Equipment works in much the same way as local enchantments, but there are some important differences. The biggest differences are (1) an Equipment doesnt equip anything when it comes into play, and (2) an Equipment stays in play when the creature its equipping leaves play.

    Loxodon WarhammerHeres an example of an Equipment, Loxodon Warhammer. Note that its subtype is “Equipment.” Thats how you know what it does. Also, it has the “equip” keyword ability. You use the equip ability to attach Equipment to creatures.

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    The equip keyword ability is pretty straightforward. The equip ability can target only a creature you control. Its okay if Equipment gets onto a creature your opponent controls (such as via your opponent playing Confiscate on your equipped creature), but you cant do this using the equip ability. Also, you can play the ability only any time you could play a sorcery. The cleverest combat trick you can do with Loxodon Warhammer is attaching it to one of your creatures and smashing your opponents face with it.

    You can also move an Equipment you control from one creature to another by playing its equip ability. If you control two Grizzy Bears, you could attach the Warhammer to one, attack with it, then, in your second main phase, play the equip ability a second time to move the Warhammer to the other, so that youve got a 5/2 creature ready to block. You cant just move an Equipment off a creature, though you have to move it onto a different creature you control.

    The biggest difference between Equipment and local enchantments is that Equipment stays in play when the creature its attached to leaves play. In fact, Equipment doesnt really care too much about what happens to the creature its attached to. If an equipped creature leaves play, the Equipment drops off and stays in play unattached. The same is true if an equipped creature can no longer be equipped (if it gains protection from artifacts, or stops being a creature, for example).
    How does Equipment interact with other cards?

    Equipment can do a whole variety of different things. Youll find Equipment that do all the common things that creature enchantments do. Plus, because Equipment stays in play when the equipped creature leaves play, youll find some more interesting things that it can do. The Warhammer does three different things. It changes power and toughness, gives a keyword ability, and gives the creature a triggered ability.

    Equipment cant be attached to a creature with protection from artifacts. The equip ability cant target a Yavimaya Scion, because the ability is from an artifact source. If youve equipped a Jeweled Spirit with the Warhammer, and you then play its ability to give itself protection from artifacts, the Warhammer will fall off back into play (remember, Equipment doesnt go to the graveyard if it cant be attached to a creature). It wont reattach itself when the Spirit loses protection from artifacts at the end of the turn. Youll have to wait for the effect to end, and then play the equip ability again.

    The equip ability cant target a Gigapede, because it cant be the target of spells and abilities. Theres no real way around this, even though being untargetable wouldnt cause the equipment to fall off. If the Warhammer is equipping a Glimmering Angel, making the Angel untargetable wont make the Warhammer fall off.

    You can attach the Warhammer to a Chimeric Idol as long as you animate the Idol before you play the equip ability. At the end of the turn, the Idol will stop being a creature, and the Warhammer will fall off back into play.
    Whats the strangest thing that could happen?

    Most of the strange things that can happen in the Magic game dont have anything to do with Equipment. But there are a few more things about Equipment that you might not know yet.

    Gaining control of an equipped creature doesnt give you control of the Equipment on it. The Equipment remains attached to the creature, but only the Equipments controller can play its equip ability.

    An Equipment that becomes a creature cant be attached to a creature. If you play Karns Touch on an attached Equipment, it becomes unattached and stays in play as a creature. Of course, you wouldnt be playing Karns Touch in your deck, now would you? You can play the equip abilities of Equipment that are creatures, but that ability wont do anything at all when it resolves.

    An Equipment that loses the subtype Equipment cant be attached to a creature. If it stops being an artifact, itll lose its artifact subtypes, including “Equipment.” If an attach

  2. Thanks for answering or even looking at the question but does anyone have a list of badges for Spore Creatures on DS. I have a lot but some are still locked

    Answer by MC2
    Iron Creature – Beat Creature stage on hard
    Evolver – Beat Creature stage
    Everyones BFF – Beat Creature stage by making friends with 20+ species
    Foe – Wipe out 20+ species
    Max Power – Creature must have maximum stats in 4+ abilities
    Survivor – Beat Creature stage without dying
    Socialite – Meet 200+ creatures created by others
    Flight of the Bumblebee – Fly for 200+ meters; cant touch ground
    Devourer – Eat 50+ species
    Village Folks – 3 posse members must be from different species
    Speed Demon – Beat Creature stage in under one hour
    Bestial – Beat Creature stage 10+ times
    Cerberus – Evolve creature with three heads
    General Custer – Lead 30 of your posse members to death
    Epic Killer – Kill an Epic Creature in the Creature stage
    Slugger – Beat Creature stage with no legs

  3. So i had a whole bunch of creatures ive created, and i log on the next morning and i find that over 8 of the creatures i made are gone! they were the most recent 8 i made, and theyre still in the folder in my documents, but theyre not actually in the game. how do i get them back in?

    Answer by Ed
    Ive SPORE Creature creator but this has never happened to me. Try and get an update.

    Answer mine: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=ApFymhTmZzkUmigiYknOXQfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080820111301AAZZOfZ

  4. This may be a dumb question, but: Do token creatures count as creatures for spells and abilities? For example, my opponent has a card that says “tap four untapped creatures: destroy target artifact or enchantment” so they may tap 4 tokens?

    Also, “target creature gets +1+1 for every creature you control” are token creatures included in this?

    Lastly, I have a card that I gain a life every time a creature enters the battlefield, does this count for tokens?

    Answer by Jonathan
    They count as creatures, its why what ever makes tokens is something you should kill

  5. whats the difference between Spore and Spore creature creator?and do you need to have spore to play spore creature creator or do you need spore creature creator to play spore?

    Answer by Sparky
    The creature creator is only a portion of the actual Spore game, where you can design your own creatures.

    Spore itself is a game of evolution. You start out as a tiny cell in Pacman-style gameplay (the Cell stage). Then eventually you evolve legs and move on to land, slowly evolving into a stronger/more social being by either killing or making friends with other creatures (the Creature stage). Then, you finally reach the Tribal stage, where you can no longer evolve, but you become a tribe in a real-time strategy phase. Then, you grow into a city, another strategy-like game, and finally into space pilots, where you can blow up planets and what-not to your hearts content. ^_^

    You dont need one to play the other. The creature creator is just a sample of the entire game, while the game is where you actually get to kill everything and evolve. The creature creator, however, has all the parts, while in the actual game you have to find the parts. The actual game, however, does have its own creature creator with all the parts available for all stages except the cell stage, as well as building and vehicle creators.

    In short, the game has everything the creature creator has and more.

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