If God had intended for man to use the metric system, Jesus would have only had ten disciples!

Ruby N. Smith

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  1. What causes a headache? Also whats really going on in your head why does it hurt? Please real answers….

    Answer by Cheryl S
    Depends on the headache…

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    Doctors are unsure exactly what causes migraines, but it has to do with blood flow to the head.

    Tension headaches (most common headache) are caused by stress that can cause the muscles in your neck and head to contract.

    Sinus headache pain is caused by the pressure of fluid and congestion in the head.

    Rebound headaches can occur from taking medication such as tylenol or ibuprofen on a daily basis. When you stop taking the pain reliever, In just three weeks, you can become dependent enough on medication to feel a rebound headache when you stop the medication. Thus, when the pain reliever wears off, the headache returns and more medication is needed to quiet it. Any pain reliever taken more than once a week, whether it is generic aspirin or heavy-duty opioids, has the potential to bring on a rebound effect.

  2. Why do I get headaches when its cloudy for a few days?

    Answer by skywalker
    glare can be a major cause of headaches
    We dont think of wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day, but you should do so, make sure you have the sun glasses that are polarized with glare protection

  3. How do you stop headaches without medicene or without sleep? Thamks

    Answer by Fran
    Are you kidding me?

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