If God had intended for man to use the metric system, Jesus would have only had ten disciples!

Ruby N. Smith

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Some Fantastic paw Photos

  1. Parade of paws!
    Image by Mrs eNil
    Now Im counting seven paws here between two cats…. must be another hiding somewhere.

  2. Di Notte – PCI PAW 3_52
    Image by Alkhymeia
    My third PAW (Piece A Week), a Polymer Clay Italia project :) )))

    Polymer clay and wire work creation, 100% handmade.

  3. Paws for thought :~))

    Random Listing on the topic of Royaal Casino :
    Royaal Casino

    Image by freebird4
    I just couldnt resist Charlies paddy paws while he was sleeping :~))

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