If God had intended for man to use the metric system, Jesus would have only had ten disciples!

Ruby N. Smith

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Computers have come a long way in a very short time. Thinking back only 100 years ago, modern technology was as farfetched as time travelling is nowadays. As computers gradually became a part of modern human life, their increased influence in the workforce has also increased. Everyday new jobs are created that require knowledge with computers or involve computers in some shape or form.

How many companies run a business without using any form of technology? There are several small companies that do not use technology on a daily basis. However, today computers are slowly working their way into the work force in places they have never been before. Construction workers, maintenance workers, law enforcement, emergency medical employees are beginning to use computers in their day to day work. Often this means working in any condition which could be from working maintenance on a rainy Sunday evening to repairing roads in the snow to ensure everyones safety on the road.

Law enforcement officers and fire-fighters can use Getac products to help keep their communities safe. No worrying about damaging and losing critical information while tracking down a suspect or another vehicle. Going off road and off the beaten path could easily lead to damage of electronic equipment, but not with a product designed specifically to be durable. Fire-fighters often deal with extreme heat and copious amount of water, creating a lot of opportunities to damage vulnerable equipment. Using a product that is rugged can keep them on the front lines while still staying connected.

The military gets good use from using a computer that can keep up with them. Soldiers typically do not have the luxury of working in friendly environments.

Information stays safe while travelling thousands of miles in the field or on base. With the ability to use GPS, control robots, track friendly and enemy vehicle location and other members of the team they can complete missions with efficiency.

If you are a part of this workforce, a Rugged computer may be right for you. With better heat dissipation during rigorous use and during high temperatures outside, the Toughbook will keep performing at nearly full power. With state of the art Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, performance is never an issue. Being able to multitask in your fast paced and rigid work environment will put you and your workers a step ahead of the competition.

Working outside in the sunlight is often difficult with a normal laptop or netbook. A Rugged computer from Getac includes a QuadraClear display. It provides a sunlight-readable display with anti-reflectivity to reduce that annoying glare from the Sun. The screen pumps out a beautiful picture with six time better effective contrast than other displays while still maintaining battery efficiency.

Getac computers go where most people dont want to go and can withstand the toughest work environments. Drops, impacts, bumps, weather, cold, heat, light and dark are nothing for the Toughbook. They are rugged by design to resist damage and keep dust and moisture out in the dirtiest of work environments. The outside shell is built from high quality magnesium alloy with four main casing designed and manufactures for ultimate protection against unpredictable hazards and the elements.

Tough work environments require a tough product. Take a Toughbook to your job and be as efficient and reliable as you can be. The Rugged computer from Getac can withstand the toughest work environment just like you.For more information please visit our site http://www.getac.com.au

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