If God had intended for man to use the metric system, Jesus would have only had ten disciples!

Ruby N. Smith

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  1. Answer by AtiaoftheJulii
    Feast Days, or Holy Days, are days which are celebrated in commemoration of the sacred mysteries and events recorded in the history of our redemption, in memory of the Virgin Mother of Christ, or of His apostles, martyrs, and saints, by special services and rest from work. A feast not only commemorates an event or person, but also serves to excite the spiritual life by reminding us of the event it commemorates.
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    At certain hours Jesus Christ invites us to His vineyard (Matthew 20:1-15); He is born in our hearts at Christmas; on Good Friday we nail ourselves to the cross with Him; at Easter we rise from the tomb of sin; and at Pentecost we receive the gifts of the Holy Ghost. Every religion has its feasts, but none has such a rich and judiciously constructed system of festive seasons as the Catholic Church. The succession of these seasons form the ecclesiastical year, in which the feasts of Our Lord form the ground and framework, the feasts of the Blessed Virgin and the Saints the ornamental tracery.

  2. What can be the best way to describe what a feast day is? How do saint get thier feast day? etc.

    Answer by Max Marie
    The feast days of saints are usually the day they died. That is we are celebrating the day they left this world for a better one.

    In some instances we may have a particular day with so many saints on it the newer ones are moved to the nearest “empty” day.

  3. When I answered a question praising Fancy Feast cat food, I got some negative stars, so Im asking which is better. My cat wants to eat Fancy Feast, which I am now feeding her, at least 4 or 5 times a day, which isnt good. Comments welcome please.
    OK, neither seems to be good, So could anyone suggest something better I can get and where? I need suggestions please.
    Oh, and she eats Purina Indoor dry food as a supplement for the canned. And shes 11. Forgot to mention that.

    Answer by MechanicalMan
    Well, theyre both bad. Better canned foods would be things like Wellness, EVO, Instinct, etc. If you dont understand why people criticize foods like Iams and Fancy Feast, then just read the labels.
    Go to manufacturer websites and use the store locaters to find retailers in your area. If you feed some dry food, then I recommend EVO. Some people like Orijen. With canned food, there are more brands that seem to be both nutritious and palatable. Canned food is also better than dry, but I feed mostly dry for various reasons, so someone else can preach to you about that (and someone will). There are also some commercial raw foods. Check these sites to find the retailers of premium cat food in your area:





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