If God had intended for man to use the metric system, Jesus would have only had ten disciples!

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  1. I have an 800 word report due in on Thursday and it is about Greek Tragedy and i have no idea on what the hell it is or any other infomation about it. I have tried wiki and i googled it but they came up with nothing. Please help! Even basic info about it will help.

    Answer by problemsolver
    just check these out—






  2. In literature that is. I keep finding examples of it, not what it is.

    Answer by JAY R
    when something bad happens

  3. what exactly is the concept of property rights and how can they be administered?
    what is the concept of the tragedy of the commons?
    how can the tragedy of the commons be fixed?
    What is the concept of eminent domain and how is it typically applied?

    Any help in clarifying these ideas is greatly appreciated because i dont understand them nor do i understand anything about Economics. I will give 10 points. Thank you.

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    Answer by kc922
    tragedy of the commons is when:

    theres a public resource that isnt owned by anyone (maybe the state or something). its free to use. people think, “hey, if i dont use it someone else will, so i better use as much as i want.” everybody thinks this way, and the resource becomes overused.

    no one takes care of that resource, because since they dont own it, they dont want to pay for it – thats “somebody elses problem.” whats the point in trying to take care of it, if others are just going to keep using it? its a waste of MY time and money.

    an example of this is something like a grassy field. farmers graze their sheep, for free. a farmer thinks “since its free, i should graze my sheep here more often.” every farmer around does the same thing, and soon enough, all the grass is gone. THIS is called the tragedy of the comons – when a common – aka public/free – resource becomes overused.

    the problem of the “tragedy of the commons” can be fixed by taxing people who use the common resource, or by installing property rights. this means individual (or family, group, whatever) ownership of that property.

    when you have property rights to something, you will not overuse it, because then its worthless to you. instead, you take care of it so that it can still be of value.

    going back to our example of the grassy field, the state could section off different portions of the field to different farmers. it could sell them each a plot of the field, for instance. then each farmer would use his own plot of the field to graze his sheep. hed take care of it so it would keep growing grass. hed do this because he knows no one else is going to take advantage of his hard work, by grazing their sheep there too.

    property rights are administered through laws which require them (or allow them to exist), and contracts from a seller to a property buyer. these contracts can be legally enforced – meaning if the buyer doesnt pay up, the seller can take them to court and make them pay, at risk of losing the property, going to jail, whatever.

    eminent domain is the right of the state/country to take away someones personal property and give them “fair value” for it – meaning the government has to pay them for their property, but DOESNT have to ask their permission. oftentimes people who have this happen to them argue that the amount they are paid isnt fair at all, but too little (id have to agree in some cases).

    the government does this when they need to build things such as highways, railroads, public utilities, etc. they either use it themselves, or will contract the job out to a third party (say, a private organization that creates something that the public will use or that otherwise benefits the common good). this is a LEGAL expropriation.

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